Opening Session: How to Lead Your Home Services Business into the Future with Technology

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June 20th, 2024
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About the Session

Are you ready to lead your home services business into the future? As competition intensifies with the entry of private equity firms, it's crucial for small businesses to leverage technology to stay competitive. In this opening session, Pooya Abka, CEO of Intaker, will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the current home services industry. He will highlight the transformative power of technology and automation, emphasizing the benefits of AI-driven lead capture, qualification, and follow-ups. Learn how Intaker’s innovative tools can level the playing field, enabling small businesses to compete effectively, streamline operations, and enhance customer interactions.

Embracing technology can help small businesses capture market share, improve efficiency, and drive growth. This session will provide practical strategies and insights to help you stay ahead of the competition. Discover how empathy-driven automation can enhance customer interactions and streamline operations. Pooya will provide an overview of Intaker’s key features and share actionable insights on how small businesses can use technology to compete with larger players, grow, and capture market share. Set the tone for the day with an inspiring vision for the future and practical strategies to embrace change and drive growth.

Key Topics:

  • Challenges faced by small home services businesses in a competitive landscape
  • The transformative power of technology and automation
  • Benefits of AI-driven lead capture, qualification, and follow-ups
  • How empathy-driven automation enhances customer interactions
  • Overview of Intaker’s key features and their impact on business growth
  • Practical strategies for adopting technology to compete and capture market share
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