How to Use AI for Lead Capture and Qualification in Home Services

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June 20th, 2024
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About the Session

Are you looking to improve how you capture and qualify leads? Many home services businesses struggle with efficiently managing leads, leading to lost opportunities. This session will teach you how to leverage AI-driven tools to optimize your lead capture and qualification processes. Learn about the benefits of AI in lead management, and get a live demonstration of Intaker’s AI chatbot. Implementing AI-driven lead capture and qualification will increase efficiency, reduce missed opportunities, and improve overall lead management. This session will equip you with the skills and knowledge to implement these tools effectively.

We’ll guide you through customizing a chat bot designed for lead capture to fit your business needs and show you how to integrate these tools with your CRM systems. The session includes a hands-on workshop to help you set up and test your chatbots, ensuring you leave with practical skills to implement immediately.

Key Topics:

  • Challenges of managing lead capture and qualification manually
  • Real-world examples of businesses benefiting from AI-driven tools
  • Live demonstration of Intaker’s AI chatbot
  • Customizing chat scripts to fit your business needs
  • Integrating AI tools with CRM systems
  • Hands-on workshop for setting up and testing AI chatbots
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